Thursday, 30 July 2015

Winter sport

At school we do winter sport we play every Friday we have only lost one game are highest score is 10 goals yesterday we did the winter tournament we came first the games where 10 min and we could only have 5 on the field 


For reading we have a new plan we have one new activity that we have to do i think must does are the hardest because there is a lot to complete reading is really fun


For writing we are writing a speech I am doing is it ever ok to lie I think it is because you might make person sad or it could be a surprise 


For maths we have a new plan we do and I have to do negative numbers I don't really no what that is but I got it wrong in the test I will probably get good at it when I learn it and hope I get it right 

Thursday, 23 July 2015


For writing we had to find our new goal I did capitals and full stops I picked that because i forget to put them in


for reading we started a new layout for reading we have one extra activities i found them pretty easy i was working with my friend jack we completed all the tasks.


For maths we have been learning about simple angles permeter and area and stuff like that i completed four activities to do with that and then we started on a test we did the test today i think i did pretty good.

Friday, 3 July 2015


For maths i did scales i found it really easy at the start and then i got harder questions then they got easy again.I think i did pretty well for the first time and now i can do it.


For writing i did nrl and i had to publish it first i had to write my normal writing a some paper then we glued  paper to the writing then on a card board thing it was pretty cool.