Thursday, 25 February 2016

leadership blogpost

This is how i show leadership......

Integrity: You need to show integrity because you need to be honest and loyal to people because you want to be a nice leader unlike Hitler who was a bad leader.
Trustworthy: You will need to be trustworthy because you need to be trusted to become a good leader , because if you become a good leader your a good person.
Resilient: If you where to become a leader you would have to be resilient and you would be knowing what to do if something goes wrong.
Active thinker:You would have to be a good active thinker because you would know what to do and think about at the right time.
Goal focus: You need to be goal focused because you will want to be on task with what you're doing.  Motivational: you need to be a motivational leader because you can tell people to do stuff they want to do but don't want to do and motivate them to do it.